Ultimate Automatic Updates

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What is Ultimate Auto Updates?

Ultimate Auto Updates is a WordPress plugin that manages and controls WordPress automatic updates.

With a focus on usability and a wealthy feature set, we’re confident the plugin will be useful to you and many others.

Why Ultimate Auto Updates?

We realize there’s competition out there, but we felt we could bring something unique to the market.

We’ve looked at other update managers and brought over the most desired features.

Not too much, and not too little.

Ultimate Auto Updates Screenshot of Themes Tab

Here are the types of updates you can control


Keep Core updated and secure with options to enable auto-updates for minor and major releases.


Turn on automatic updates for plugins with one click, or customize which plugins should be updated.


Keep your themes up-to-date by turning on automatic updates. You can also choose which themes to update.


Enable or disable your translations. You can also choose per locale what should be updated.

Here Are Some of Our Features

Core Updates

  • Enable automatic updates for major releases.
  • Enable automatic updates for minor releases.
  • Disable automatic updates for minor and major releases.

Plugin Updates

  • Turn on plugin updates with one click.
  • Configure updates for individual plugins.
  • Block plugins from being updated.

Theme Updates

  • Turn on automatic updates for themes with one click.
  • Update all themes or choose updates per theme.
  • Block updates for individual themes.

Translation Updates

  • Turn on or off translation updates with one click.
  • Update all translations or select which ones to update.
  • Supports all WordPress locales.


  • Log every update for update transparency.
  • Filter by date, status, and update type.
  • Export logs to CSV and generate reports for clients.


  • Change the plugin title.
  • Change the menu name.
  • Overwrite plugin author data.
  • Configure the admin panel logo.


  • Disable email notifications.
  • Receive emails on failed updates.
  • Receive emails for items needing an update.
  • Change the email address for update emails.

Useful Tools

  • Force an update refresh.
  • Run automatic updates.
  • Trigger the update cron.
  • Reset settings.
  • Log clearing.
  • Admin menu shortcuts.

Friendly License

  • Install the base plugin on as many sites as you desire.
  • Free 7-day trial for any add-ons.
  • Open Source development.
  • GPL – You can fork this plugin and/or distribute it as desired.

Community Driven Support

  • Join our Slack.
  • Join Our Facebook Group
  • Open Source development.
  • GPL – You can fork this plugin and/or distribute it as desired.

Do You Have Any Questions?

This is a brand new plugin currently under development. Here are some questions we anticipate you have surrounding Ultimate Auto Updates.

Let’s face it: Easy Updates Manager is a powerhouse for automatic updates. Companion Auto Updates is equally as good.

This plugin is a fork of both. We’ve brought over features where it makes sense in what we hope is a more usable and friendly interface.

The plugin is very user and developer friendly, so keep a look out for third and first-party add-ons to make this plugin your very own and set up just the way you need.

The base plugin is designed for the majority of use-cases, with add-ons filling any gaps.

The plugin will be driven by its own community. Users are invited to join our slack and can also join our private Facebook group. The code is public and accessible, allowing others to improve upon the core product and/or create third-party add-ons.

The hopes for a community surrounding this plugin do not align with the .org ecosystem.

The plugin is not quite ready for production use. An alpha is close to being released, followed by a round of beta releases. Since the plugin touches on a core an important feature, it is important that the plugin is well-tested before releasing to the masses.

Of course. We have a form below in which you can express interest. An alpha will be released soon.

The lead developer is Ronald Huereca from MediaRon LLC.

Additional questions? Please email Ronald Huereca at ronald@mediaron.com or use our groovy form below.

Your solution to automatic updates is coming soon

Please leave us a note below if you’d like to get involved in early alpha/beta releases